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I just felt a need to rant my anger towards Arthur Golden. Upon… - And there reigns love and all love's loving parts... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 21st, 2006|03:11 am]
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I just felt a need to rant my anger towards Arthur Golden. Upon hearing that there was going to be a movie made of Memoirs of a Geisha, I rushed out an bought the book. Having wanted to read it for years, I didn't want to let the movie spoil it for me, so I read it all n the space of a few days, and it really was one of those books you just can't put down. And I'll tell you why. It's because it's all an outright lie. The book has a fictional foreword where it tells of Sayuri and how she decided to tell her story, and where they went to see it, the conditions she had of the publishing of the book etc. etc. The book has a completely different meaning thinking it is at the very least based on a true story. Then after you finish the entire book, there he throws in an additional acknowledgement about how the book and all the characters involved were fictional and his own invention. But wait, it's ok because all the traditions mentioned were based on extensive research and not made up. A bit like the Da Vinci Code really.

I feel completely deceived and angry. Especially because I always knew it was a novel, and then when I read that foreword I assumed I must have been wrong, and saw the book in a completely different light. I would have had a completely different opinion of the entire storyline and the characters had I known. And he probably knew that. The characters were completely unbelievable and everything just worked out way too perfectly for Sayuri every time. Which annoyed me throughout, but I kept thinking, well it if actually happened, what right do I have to criticise it? I probably would have enjoyed it anyway, but just not in the same way, I just wanted to learn something about an areas of life I had very little knowledge of. I at least feel comfort in the knowledge that I know at least two people who were deceived in the same way as me.

I have heard mixed opinions of the movie, so I look forward to seeing it and making my judgment. Not that it needs it. But anyway. I'm just tired and want to go to bed but all my brother's friends are over. The are nice but noise and noise and grr