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The demise of Multiply.... - And there reigns love and all love's loving parts... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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The demise of Multiply.... [Dec. 2nd, 2012|09:33 am]
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So I was looking for an old photo about three days ago and thought that perhaps I had stored it on my Multiply account. I logged in to find a message saying that Multiply is now switching focuses to e-commerce in Southeast Asia and will no longer be supporting social networking. You have until 1st December to export your blog to Blogger and mass download your photos. Of course what this fails to take into account is that I spent many painstaking hours in Europe uploading my photos with captions so that I would remember what everything was. And I have now had to spend many more painstaking hours attempting to store all of my photos, with captions. Not to mention that you lose all of your comments etc.

As angry as I was, I have now finally finished going through my entire Multiply account and saving everything that I wanted to save, but it got me reminiscing about the good old days when I actually used to use it regularly. I wanted to make a post and realised that there was no point because after today it would no longer be there. So here I am back at Livejournal. Hey there Livejournal, it's been a while!

This has been the most crazy, non-stop weekend. It was already going to be so before I found out I had to spend hours sitting at my computer. My flatmate June comes back from a few months of travels today, and my temporary flatmate, Peter, is going to be staying on long term. So I have had to empty out the entire spare room of junk and useful crap alike and find places to store it/ways to get rid of it. That was meant to be a project for last weekend except that I spent most of that weekend hungover and feeling like a zombie (very out of practice!!).

Anyway, somehow around the family birthday lunch, Len's farewell lunch, friend's band's gig, backing up Multiply, I have still managed to get the room cleared out and the rest of the house into a semi-respectable state (apart from the mass pile of junk in the dining room).

I'm actually really looking forwad to the dawn of a new era in my little unit, and the cheaper rent won't go astray (not since they recently put up my rent $105 per week - bastards).

Anyway, maybe I'll be back to Livejournal again soon, or maybe I won't. But it was nice while it lasted at least :)

[User Picture]From: danbok
2012-12-02 12:17 pm (UTC)
Hi Kelly!

That's too bad to hear about Multiply, particularly that you can't keep your comments and all that effort with the photos and labels has gone to waste.

Hope everything is going well.
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